Aug 3, 2019

5 Best Insurance Companies Of Nepal

Insurance business in Nepal is emerging day by day, and among the 2 and more dozens of insurance companies only four companies have met the paid-up capital requirement. According to Insurance Board report published on July 2018, Nepal Life Insurance Company among the life insurer have raised the paid-up capital and Himalayan General Insurance, Shikhar Insurance & Neco Insurance among the non-life insurance have met the paid-up capital.
 As of today, Nepal Life Insurance Company have earned the highest profit among the life insurance companies. Similarly, National Life Insurance Company earned the second highest profit in life insurance business. Looking onto non-life insurer, Himalayan General Insurance, Shikhar Insurance & Neco Insurance earned the highest profit.
These companies earned the highest profits because of its best insurance policies and fast services and handsome cash back of the premium paid. Choose these insurance companies if you are thinking of buying any insurance policies either life or no-life.

Life Insurance Companies

  • Nepal Life Insurance
  • National Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Non Life Insurance Companies

  • Himalayan General Insurance
  • Shikhar Insurance
  • Neco Insurance

Insurance Companies In Nepal; Life And Non-Life Insurance

Insurance is mainly defined as a financial loss recovery. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent. It is also an arrangement by which an insurer undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium. Recently insurance companies have grown in number and the field of insurance are expanding all along. Few years back companies had only provided life insurance services but nowadays the scenario is a bit different. One can do vehicle, mobile phones, domestic animals and business house insurance from various insurance companies that exists in Nepal today.

The oldest insurance company of Nepal is National Insurance Company which once provided life insurance only. But now the company has started Non-Life insurance too operating two different offices. The insurance companies providing services in Nepal are listed below.
  1. National Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  2. National Insurance Company Ltd.
  3. Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  4. Nepal Insurance Company Ltd.
  5. Premier Insurance Company Nepal Ltd.
  6. Nepal Re-Insurance Company Ltd.
  7. Asian Life Insurance Company
  8. Surya Life Insurance
  9. Lumbini General Insurance Company Ltd.
  10. Siddhartha Insurance
  11. Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd.
  12. Sagarmatha Insurance Company Ltd.
  13. Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  14. Prabhu Insurance Company Ltd.
  15. MetLife Nepal
  16. United Insurance Company Nepal Ltd.
  17. Neco Insurance Ltd.
  18. Union Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  19. Citizen Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  20. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Ltd.
  21. Prime Life Insurance Company
  22. Himalayan General Insurance
  23. Prudential Insurance Company Ltd.
  24. Everest Insurance Company Ltd.
  25. Sun Life Insurance Nepal
  26. IME Life Insurance Company
If I have missed any let me know. I will be updating the list on the days to come. I will also come up with the best life and non-life insurance services of the company shortly.

Aug 1, 2019

HP's Laptop Bonanza Offer In Nepal

I have posted articles ranging from blogging to gadgets, laptops and travel guides to personal life experiences. Today I came up about the cheapest laptop in Nepali market and offer news published on the daily newspaper NayaPatrika. The offer is given by HP brand laptop on "HP Notebook 14-bw077au" which is priced at Rs. 29,995 only.

HP Notebook 14-bw077au Features

Jul 29, 2019

I Learned Alot In 2 Years Of Mechanical Business

Few years back, I was so fond of surfing internet, learning blogging and web skills and monetizing my blog posts. I had spent so many nights on internet. Those days I was blindly behind earning money from blogging. I struggled so hard to verify Google Adsense and earned some dollars too. Due to some personal problems I left blogging and came back home to handle my family business of Automotive Repairing and Spare Parts Shop.

During 2 years, I learned so much about automobiles and how engines work. Technology has advanced rapidly nowadays. These advanced technologies are also collaborated with Automobiles. My firm usually repairs agricultural machines like tractors, rotavators, threshers etc and Mill machineries. I learned how lathe machines work and where other machines are used accordingly for repairing. I have become a machine geek during this time.

My firm namely "Ohm Machinery Repairing Center" is located at the heart of Bahuni Bazaar, Belbari Municipality, State 1, Nepal. Today the main source of power for engines are Petroleum products. What if all the petroleum products source dies and its scarcity rises. The only solution to this problem is electric powered vehicles. So we need to transform all the automobiles power source to electricity as soon as possible.