Aug 31, 2014

How To Stay Safe From Being An Internet Victim?

Internet, the network of networks have connected billions of Computer devices worldwide using the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet protocol and have the Worlds largest information resources and services. There are many applications and resources on the Internet like World Wide Web, Hypertext, Telephony etc. Everyday more services are being added on the Internet which have made the World smaller, fast and paperless. Click a button and your order will be delivered to your home, you will be able to see your friends from any corner of the World and so on. Internet now has become a part of life for the people.
Safe Internet Use
Internet Security (Image Credit:
Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Windows Live, Bing, Blogger, WordPress and many more sites are the highly used sites over internet. Although they don't carry threat by themselves like other scam sites, the threat of keeping account secure is a big challenge. While it comes to being secure on internet, I would categorize threat to two different categories for common internet users.

Legit Websites Threats: Daily used, verified and trusted websites like Google, Facebook, Gmail, Blogger, Windows Live, Online Dating Sites and so on don't have threats on themselves but can be a medium enough to make you suffer from internet. Hackers can get access to your accounts. Internet stalkers can misuse your personal contents. So to avoid from such threats always make your account private. There are always privacy settings on these trusted Websites, make use of them. Don't trust on someone you met online or unknown people on internet. Always use strong passwords not something everyone can guess. There is no guarantee your account will be secure if you use strong passwords either but the chance of being hacked is very minimum. Facebook and Google accounts can be made more secure and unreachable by using Two-Step Verification method. If you haven't tried this, trust me this step of using Two-Step verification will prove a milestone move of securing your account. ( Two-Step verification is the method which asks for security code each time you try to access your account, which will be sent to you Mobile number. )

Scam Websites Threats: Scam Websites are those which look like real and act like one but aren't. They use various methods like Fraudulent (Spam) emails, Scam Sites, Phishing Sites , Lottery Sites and Emails, Virus/Adware/Malware via Emails and downloads and counting.

Overcome Scam Websites Threats: You can easily overcome these types of threats if you are seriously concerned about your internet security. You can follow these steps to stay safe:

  • Spam Emails are nowadays automatically directed to spam folder of Email account. Don't open those emails or just delete them without opening. If you have custom emails like "", there may or mayn't be spam detector, so you have to do some hard work on that. Find about those types of emails from Google, Forums or Yahoo answers. After you feel its secure then open them.
  • Scam Sites can be easily detected by doing a little internet work. If you are going through certain sites, first find out some details about those sites. There are many websites on internet which detect scam websites like
  • Phishing sites look like real websites because they design to look like same. They even have web address similar to the real websites, for example for hacking Facebook accounts. Hackers can develop such types of Websites to get access to your Facebook. So to overcome from this threat always use the official web address and apps and check the web address before logging in.
  • Never trust lottery emails and websites, they are always threat to you. They will send emails and display message that you have won huge amount of money. Nobody gives you money for free, so never trust them and click them further to continue. If you do so being selfish then that will be the biggest mistake you will be doing.
  • To stay safe from Virus/Adware/Malware use internet security Anti-Virus software like Kaspersky, BitDefender and so on. These threats come from emails and software. While downloading any software of your need always use the trusted sites like, never download any software from emails unless it is trusted. While installing software, you may be asked if you would like to download other software too but if its recommended you have to download them. No, you shouldn't download them unless recommended. Nowadays some software use recommended options too but you will have another option to ignore them. If you come through these types of software better use ignore option.
Above mentioned threats are only for common internet users. There are more advanced threats on internet which includes Websites Owners and Companies, Credit Card Holders and Users on Internet, Online Workers and so on. On coming days I will get with you all with advance methods of being secure on Internet.

Jul 31, 2014

What should you blog about? Choose Your Blog Niche to start blogging.

When I started blogging a lot of question used to arise on my mind. What should I blog about? And after I published my first post I used to wonder what should be my next title for the post? How to make my post unique? These are some of the questions I asked myself and probably new bloggers too. So I thought I would guide them to choose topics and help blogging. Lets get to the task now.

Firstly before you set up a blog you should have some idea what sorts of post you are writing for the blog you are making. And you have to choose the URL and title of the blog that matches the post you are going to write. For this you have to know what is your capability, what are you good at or what are the things you are interested about. Now analyze the facts about you and set up a blog.

Remember that there are almost all of the categories of the blog in the world. You should have unique information to give and it should be faster than any other blog of your niche.

I know similar title post are already written but what makes my post unique is I have included all my experience I got when I was still a child on blogging field. 

There are many different types of blogs covering a wide range of topics, interests, and audiences. For a successful blog, you need to plan ahead and choose the niche that works for you.

Most Popular Blog niche for higher audience engagement !
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
  • Travel and Food Blogs
  • Information and Technology Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Political and Finance Blogs
  • Music and Movies Blogs
  • Personal and Business Blogs
  • Sports and Fitness Blogs
  • Parenting and Pet Blogs
Now that you have set up a blog and you are searching for the title of the post or topic to write about in your blog. For this simply follow these steps I mention below:
  • Read Blogs Similar To Your’s : Firstly you have to read some good blogs that matches your category. You can even subscribe to the best blogs. And get every updates about those blogs and read them throughly. After you get some idea from those blogs and know much more about the category you are going to write. Start your blog simply with some introduction about the category which you are about to blog about.
  • Listen To News ( Mostly Related To Your Category ) : Keep the habit of listening and reading news that are related to your blog so that you can update them in your blog as soon as possible. After you hear something about the category go through a online research about it and gather some more additional information and add them to your post. That will help to make your post more informative and occupied.
  • Talk About The Category With Your Friends : While hanging out with friends sometimes talk about something related to the category of your blog. Your friends may have some good idea or ideas that you can research which can be your new post.
  • Arguments : Arguments creates new ideas and helps to explore the knowledge of each other. Similarly if the argument is about the category of your blog than I am sure it creates new post for your blog, every time you argue. My past post “ The two blogging terms Freelance Writer & Pro Blogger ” is the result of argument I had with one other blogger.

The two blogging terms Freelance Writer and Pro Blogger

These two are the most important terms that a blogger must be familiar with. Many bloggers call themselves as a pro blogger only because they get some bucks by writing articles. Firstly a blogger should know the actual meaning of pro blogger. In my view a blogger can be called a pro only if he/she is blogger by profession and main source of income is the blogging service he/she provides. There is a vast difference in pro blogger and freelance writer in the blogging field. Freelance writers may be blogger or simply a writer but they are meant to sell their articles to pro blogs for some bucks.
Blogging VS Freelancing

How to differentiate freelance writers and pro bloggers?

Once I was online on mig33, there I met a blogger who called himself a professional blogger. He told me he writes articles for some technology blogs from Nepal and India and makes some bucks. I called him a freelance writer because he writes articles for others to make money and get back links and that was the reason this title came on my mind. So lets note out some of the qualities a blogger should posses in order to be professional in blogging field.

 Firstly he/she must own a blog with a defined category and service that the blog will provide.
 Blogging should be the main source of income and he/she must be dedicated on providing what they aimed of.
 Most of the pro bloggers work on a team; they should have a dedicated team.
 He/she should have a vast knowledge on SEO, Monetizing, advertising and web designing skills(Web designing skills include PHP, Java, HTML, XML, Photoshop and so on).
A freelance writer may not posses these skills and qualities but must have good writing skills, vast knowledge on the topic they are writing and fluency in the language they are using. So I call myself an addicted blogger because I am still in the phase of learning a lot more about blogging & web development and haven’t completed my studies yet.

So where do you find yourself in blogging? If I have made any mistake I would like to hear from you because nobody is perfect to be the perfect !

Mission Baagdwar - Roaming around Shivapuri National Park

Bagmati River that flows near Pashupatinath temple of Kathmandu is a stream of holy river Ganga. As it goes near by Pashupatinath temple, this river is also one of the religious river of Nepal. this river is the only reason why the zone was named Bagmati in Nepal. it is believed that this River is originated from a place named Baagdwar.

Today I am going to share our hiking experience to you. Baagdwar is located in Shivapuri National Park. The National Park is about 15.1 km from Kathmandu. You will have to pay a certain amount of money to enter inside the park. You can take your vehicles too but you have to pay extra for that. As you enter you will see the army camps inside the gate and a big board of map. You can check it out and remember the way to Baagdwar. It is about 18 to reach the Gumba ( I forgot the name of the Gumba) and from there you have to go by foot about 17 km to reach Baagdwar. From the gate of NP the roads are constructed up to Gumba for our Baagdwar mission. From the Gumba it will take one and half hour for most adults. Also the foot way is dangerous and difficult in some places. On the way to Baagdwar you will see beautiful places and wild animals like dear, monkeys, bear etc. I heard that there are other dangerous animals too in the jungle. You will be guided by the boards that are pasted on the trees and walls on the way to Baagdwar.

I have attached some of the pictures we took while on the way to Baagdwar and at Baagdwar.

Baagdwar that is believed to be the source of Bagmati river has a statue of tiger with a hole in its mouth. The water comes out from its mouth and collected and forms a waterfall which finally takes a shape of river. I was amazed at seeing that where those water come from inside the jungle. At Baagdwar there are statue of lord Shiva, lord Gautama Buddha and many other gods and goddess. How can so little water from the tiger’s mouth can form a river, I got confused thinking on this.

Lets come back to Kathmandu and see the condition of water in Bagmati river. You will not believe that the Baagdwar is the real source of this river because of the difference in quality of water. The water at Baagdwar is so much clean and cool but at Kathmandu it is all polluted and dirty because of urbanization and unmanaged drainage system.

What I saw in the capital Kathmandu and What is its future?

When I first came to our capital I was so happy as well as curious to know about this city. After some days from the day of arrival to this city I visited Ratna Park, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Dharahara and different other places with my friends of my hometown. At my first visit I didn’t saw waste and sewage or say I didn’t notice about them because I had never step my foot in this busiest town.

After some days I was admitted to do bridge course on A-levels. I had to go New Baneshwor (heart of Nepal) to take the class. Each day I travelled by Micro Van and I started to dislike this city because of Traffic Jams and Wastes and Sewages thrown near the road. Another fact of this city is there is no good service of public vehicles. I never got chance to take a sit on those micro’s during my classes travel. I am facing this problem even now. During my bridge course time we visited different places and one I remember (never forget) is a visit to the central zoo of Nepal located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur with my friends Happy (Shishir) and Bihwal. Now I am studying A-levels at Kings College.

I have read in News papers that in 10 years Kathmandu will be the center of attraction for the tourist. It would be no less beautiful city than Singapore and many other cities in the world. You will not see single dust particles in the road and the rivers will be clean, fresh and green. Those people who use mask in the riverside will make houses there. The city will be controlled by CCTV cameras and traffic jams will be minimized by making fly over, sky bridges, underground roads and subways and managed parking. Industries and big colleges will be out of the ring road on the hills. Metro Rails will be started to provide transportation for the residential. The city will be green and the roads will be wide. And there is good news for lovers i.e. a greenery park will be made for the lovers so that you (we) can kiss our love freely and express our love to them (good news for me:p). After I read this news I thought it’s a dream and dreams are never reality but what the reality is I shall be talking in next paragraph.

Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has nominated Mr. Keshab Esthapit as the chairperson of Kathmandu Valley Development Council this year. Mr. Esthapit had already left his image while he was a mayor of this city. In his active participation and from Dr. Bhattarai’s support the active traffic police have started the road widening campaign in the city and its heading like a rocket. Chinese government have started to make fly over in four different places in the city and widening the ring road. Mr. Esthapit on his first day of taking the responsibility told that he was looking around for a greenery park where everyone can enjoy peace and fresh oxygen and the park will be especially made for lovers. The study for the Railway service has completed and government is looking for donor countries to manage economy for this project. At old baneshwor there will be underground road by Nepal Government. The work has begun to make the city green and really our Kathmandu. It is estimated to be finished on 2076 B.S (2020 A.D). Let’s support to make our capital the beautiful capital of the world and we can be proud of ourselves. Don’t say to stop this campaign because you are having trouble today, also look your happy tomorrow.

[Fact: It is estimated time only; we know what our Nepali time says. It says 2080 B.S. Isn’t it? :D ]