Jul 31, 2014

Mission Baagdwar - Roaming around Shivapuri National Park

Bagmati River that flows near Pashupatinath temple of Kathmandu is a stream of holy river Ganga. As it goes near by Pashupatinath temple, this river is also one of the religious river of Nepal. this river is the only reason why the zone was named Bagmati in Nepal. it is believed that this River is originated from a place named Baagdwar.

Today I am going to share our hiking experience to you. Baagdwar is located in Shivapuri National Park. The National Park is about 15.1 km from Kathmandu. You will have to pay a certain amount of money to enter inside the park. You can take your vehicles too but you have to pay extra for that. As you enter you will see the army camps inside the gate and a big board of map. You can check it out and remember the way to Baagdwar. It is about 18 to reach the Gumba ( I forgot the name of the Gumba) and from there you have to go by foot about 17 km to reach Baagdwar. From the gate of NP the roads are constructed up to Gumba for our Baagdwar mission. From the Gumba it will take one and half hour for most adults. Also the foot way is dangerous and difficult in some places. On the way to Baagdwar you will see beautiful places and wild animals like dear, monkeys, bear etc. I heard that there are other dangerous animals too in the jungle. You will be guided by the boards that are pasted on the trees and walls on the way to Baagdwar.

I have attached some of the pictures we took while on the way to Baagdwar and at Baagdwar.

Baagdwar that is believed to be the source of Bagmati river has a statue of tiger with a hole in its mouth. The water comes out from its mouth and collected and forms a waterfall which finally takes a shape of river. I was amazed at seeing that where those water come from inside the jungle. At Baagdwar there are statue of lord Shiva, lord Gautama Buddha and many other gods and goddess. How can so little water from the tiger’s mouth can form a river, I got confused thinking on this.

Lets come back to Kathmandu and see the condition of water in Bagmati river. You will not believe that the Baagdwar is the real source of this river because of the difference in quality of water. The water at Baagdwar is so much clean and cool but at Kathmandu it is all polluted and dirty because of urbanization and unmanaged drainage system.

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