Jul 31, 2014

The two blogging terms Freelance Writer and Pro Blogger

These two are the most important terms that a blogger must be familiar with. Many bloggers call themselves as a pro blogger only because they get some bucks by writing articles. Firstly a blogger should know the actual meaning of pro blogger. In my view a blogger can be called a pro only if he/she is blogger by profession and main source of income is the blogging service he/she provides. There is a vast difference in pro blogger and freelance writer in the blogging field. Freelance writers may be blogger or simply a writer but they are meant to sell their articles to pro blogs for some bucks.
Blogging VS Freelancing

How to differentiate freelance writers and pro bloggers?

Once I was online on mig33, there I met a blogger who called himself a professional blogger. He told me he writes articles for some technology blogs from Nepal and India and makes some bucks. I called him a freelance writer because he writes articles for others to make money and get back links and that was the reason this title came on my mind. So lets note out some of the qualities a blogger should posses in order to be professional in blogging field.

 Firstly he/she must own a blog with a defined category and service that the blog will provide.
 Blogging should be the main source of income and he/she must be dedicated on providing what they aimed of.
 Most of the pro bloggers work on a team; they should have a dedicated team.
 He/she should have a vast knowledge on SEO, Monetizing, advertising and web designing skills(Web designing skills include PHP, Java, HTML, XML, Photoshop and so on).
A freelance writer may not posses these skills and qualities but must have good writing skills, vast knowledge on the topic they are writing and fluency in the language they are using. So I call myself an addicted blogger because I am still in the phase of learning a lot more about blogging & web development and haven’t completed my studies yet.

So where do you find yourself in blogging? If I have made any mistake I would like to hear from you because nobody is perfect to be the perfect !


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