Jul 31, 2014

What should you blog about? Choose Your Blog Niche to start blogging.

When I started blogging a lot of question used to arise on my mind. What should I blog about? And after I published my first post I used to wonder what should be my next title for the post? How to make my post unique? These are some of the questions I asked myself and probably new bloggers too. So I thought I would guide them to choose topics and help blogging. Lets get to the task now.

Firstly before you set up a blog you should have some idea what sorts of post you are writing for the blog you are making. And you have to choose the URL and title of the blog that matches the post you are going to write. For this you have to know what is your capability, what are you good at or what are the things you are interested about. Now analyze the facts about you and set up a blog.

Remember that there are almost all of the categories of the blog in the world. You should have unique information to give and it should be faster than any other blog of your niche.

I know similar title post are already written but what makes my post unique is I have included all my experience I got when I was still a child on blogging field. 

There are many different types of blogs covering a wide range of topics, interests, and audiences. For a successful blog, you need to plan ahead and choose the niche that works for you.

Most Popular Blog niche for higher audience engagement !
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
  • Travel and Food Blogs
  • Information and Technology Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Political and Finance Blogs
  • Music and Movies Blogs
  • Personal and Business Blogs
  • Sports and Fitness Blogs
  • Parenting and Pet Blogs
Now that you have set up a blog and you are searching for the title of the post or topic to write about in your blog. For this simply follow these steps I mention below:
  • Read Blogs Similar To Your’s : Firstly you have to read some good blogs that matches your category. You can even subscribe to the best blogs. And get every updates about those blogs and read them throughly. After you get some idea from those blogs and know much more about the category you are going to write. Start your blog simply with some introduction about the category which you are about to blog about.
  • Listen To News ( Mostly Related To Your Category ) : Keep the habit of listening and reading news that are related to your blog so that you can update them in your blog as soon as possible. After you hear something about the category go through a online research about it and gather some more additional information and add them to your post. That will help to make your post more informative and occupied.
  • Talk About The Category With Your Friends : While hanging out with friends sometimes talk about something related to the category of your blog. Your friends may have some good idea or ideas that you can research which can be your new post.
  • Arguments : Arguments creates new ideas and helps to explore the knowledge of each other. Similarly if the argument is about the category of your blog than I am sure it creates new post for your blog, every time you argue. My past post “ The two blogging terms Freelance Writer & Pro Blogger ” is the result of argument I had with one other blogger.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Love to hear more on specific niches.


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