Oct 3, 2015

How is foreign intelligence agency of powerful countries supressing Press freedom in the World?

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers", a statement of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 by the United Nations.

Freedom of Press today has become an important role for Human Rights and development. In past few years WikiLeaks brought revolution on Press freedom by leaking thousands of secret cables of the United States and intelligence agencies worldwide. As experts say that the power of some of the powerful countries in the world is because of the success of the secret deals and missions of their respective foreign intelligence agency.

Foreign Intelligence Agency of any country is responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence relating to political or economic activities of foreign states. These kinds of agencies work by gathering information from their agents worldwide. I have done some serious analysis of facts and came by a theory on how foreign intelligence agency is suppressing press freedom in the world. Here I will be concentrated on two powerful agencies CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, US) and RAW sometimes R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing, India).

Foreign Intelligence Agencies are :

* Out of reach of the Right to Information Act

RAW: It is not answerable to the the parliament of India on any issue which makes it free from the Right to Information Act

CIA: It directly receives order and reports to the President of the US anyway, keeping everything out of reach from media.

* The most powerful tool of the respective countries
Foreign Analysts refer RAW as an effective organization and primary instruments of Indian power and also one of the fearsome intelligence agency in Asia.

* Working against Human Rights values by threatening, spying and even assassination

"Many agents of RAW thought that they were not only above the law but a law unto themselves because RAW was not answerable to any outside agency", says a RAW agent. What can a trained agent do when he/she thinks above the law???

RAW in Nepal :

The current chief of RAW is Rajinder Khanna, an ex-IPS officer who joined the group in 1978. Ashok Chaturvedi, expert on Nepal, was the chief of the group from 1 February 2007 to 31 January 2009. Nepal Weekly magazine was able to trace RAW movement in December 2007 and also revealed that it was interfering in internal political dynamics of Nepal. The Indian ambassador to Nepal is the current head of RAW branch in Nepal according to the group rules.

How is RAW interfering in Press and Politics in Nepal?

RAW is most successfully operating in Nepal even today. Primary function of RAW in Nepal is to make dependent with them, suppressing Press freedom and interfering politics sometimes even "the game of Chair" finally to stop any movement of Greater Nepal. The documentary "Greater Nepal; in quest of boundaries" has revealed the Indian border encroachment and political influence of the group to national and local level in Nepal. Nepalese media are openly covering the news of threaten given by the Indian ambassador to Nepal, not to trade with China, as said by K.P Oli but rather nobody dares to ask the agent about the threaten. Nobody says you can't threaten a sovereign country, you are just a fucking ambassador, nobody did.

On 26 September 2015, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai quit the party he formed through a press conference. It was aired on some television channels but none of them included the clip where he talked about the unfair Sugauli Treaty 1816 that still exist. It was a matter of surprise for me to know that none of the media have actually talked about it, whether national or international neither print nor digital.

Watch the full press conference below

What do you say about this? Is RAW really interfering in Nepal's politics and suppressing Press freedom? If not why didn't media say what it needed to say??? Is it that RAW threatens the media persons? I expect I won't be threatened by Mr. Modi.

Jul 6, 2015

Facebook Working On Laser Technology For Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company's plan to use lasers on satellites and reach every corner of the World. Facebook wants to sign up the rest two thirds of world population who are out of Internet access with this research. The Internet service provided through this technology will be cheap and will be available to every person in the world.
Facebook Connectivity Lab (Visible Laser Lights)
"We are working on ways to use drones and satellites to connect the billion people who don't live in the range of existing wireless networks", said the company's CEO on his Facebook page. Last year Facebook and six other tech firms announced Internet.org, a company that aims to provide Internet services to every person in every corner of the world at affordable price. This research is a part of the Internet.org, it is being developed on Facebook's connectivity lab.

Facebook has hired some of the talented scientists from NASA and the lasers transmitted via drones and satellites to earth will be invisible. Facebook has already tested a drone on UK sky which is connecting many people online. I hope laser technologies will help to connect the remaining world, provide low cost internet and increase the bandwidth.

Jul 2, 2015

Dear Neighbors: Lipu-Lekh Pass is Nepal's Territory

Without consulting Nepal, the Indo-China agreement was signed on 15 March 2015 during the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to China to use Lipu-Lekh pass as a trade and transit point, undermining Nepali sovereignty. According to the agreement, article 28 under Trans-border co-operation states the use of Lipu-Lekh pass, Nepal's territory, for trade between the two countries.

The historic data shows Lipu-Lekh a part of Nepal bordered to Tibet which is famous for Tourism and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra traverses this pass. Documents from the British Library also proves Lipu-Lekh pass to be a part of Nepal's territory. Lipu-Lekh pass which lies on disputed border of Kalapani is Nepal's territory, which is being used by Indian Army since the Panchayat Government in Nepal, as per the official maps, documents and Nepal-China border treaty signed decades ago.
Lipu-Lekh Pass, Darchula District, Nepal [ Height from sea level: 5334m ]
Lipu-Lekh pass was the first Indian border post to be opened for trade with China in 1992. During Panchayat System, Lipu-Lekh was chosen for Indian Army's residence which is still in control of India. India signed the treaty thinking it to be their own land because 
Nepali politicians don't care about the country's territory.

China's External Ministry officially requested to resolve Nepal-India border dispute on Kalapani in 2001 but now they have signed the agreement without Nepal's representation and consult.

CPN-Maoist committee member Dharmendra Bastola and some politicians from Nepal demanded immediate return and compensation of the Lipu-Lekh, Kalapani territory, captured by Indian Army. Some politicians are united to file case on International Court of Justice if nothing will change through mutual co-operation, diplomacy and understanding.

Speaker of the Constitutional Assembly of Nepal, Subash Nembang, issued ruling to the government on July 1, 2015 that it should clarify the reality of Lipu-Lekh agreement and what has been happening for the modification of the agreement.

India and China must clarify why Lipu-Lekh pass was used for trade on bilateral agreement without Nepal's presence because Lipu-Lekh belongs to Nepal's territory and is a "Tri-Corner" point of Nepal, India and China if considered the present border. But the "Greater Nepal" concept doesn't prove Lipu-Lekh a Tri-Corner rather it is a border between China and Nepal. Not only Lipu-Lekh, from Tista to Kangra is Nepal, the real border of our country.

Jun 16, 2015

Nepalese are Welcoming Hippies to their Heaven

Marijuana, the gift of god, is a recreational herb used for smoking and medical purpose nowadays. Nepal, where marijuana plants are as tall as a two storied building was among the best destination for hippies in 60s and 70s. Nepal is in the "Cannabis Alley" of Asia and there used to be marijuana and hashes shop where one could try samples of the best hash in the world. Marijuana is found almost everywhere in the Himalayan country Nepal and the best hash there can make you stoned for ages.The long banned plant has no side effects so, Nepalese are calling for its legalization and welcome hippies to their heaven.
Marijuana Plants From The Himalayan Country "Nepal" | Photo Credit: www.alamy.com
Marijuana Myths and Science

Many people believed smoking marijuana causes cancer but all research and study on marijuana shows, its enough use causes a positive affect on cancerous tumors due to its main ingredient THC. Researchers are trying to use marijuana for the creation of cancer cure medicine. Some even take Marijuana as a cause of human brain retarding but the alcohol is responsible for it. Brain cells don't die while using marijuana rather its use actually promotes Neurogenesis - the growth of brain cells and causes no negative cerebral structural changes. Alcohol and Nicotine have proven negative side effects where marijuana is much safer and its addiction is obviously insignificant. Science has proven, marijuana is far safer than smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or any other so called legal drugs.Today Medical Science uses Marijuana as a cure to many health problems like depression, cancer, pain and so on.

Nepal Marijuana History and Future

Cannabis grow wild and tall in the mountains and hills specially on western parts of the country. Popular hippies like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and so on visited Nepal at their time seeking a heavenly marijuana smoking and best quality hashes. The excessive use of marijuana by western hippies, resulted international pressure specially from United States on Nepal to ban the herb production and open sale. The huge quantity of Marijuana exported illegally even today to several countries is grown and developed in Nepal. What if Nepal legalizes marijuana for export to international market and legal use?

Why legalize Marijuana in Nepal? - For The Best Future

Till today no one has died because of marijuana overdose and it's the safe alternative for patients of various disease, it should be legalized in Nepal.Farmers from the hilly parts will have their cash crop to support in increasing the country's low economic index. If only Nepal legalizes marijuana, the country's economy will be high and Nepal would be a paradise, a zone of peace and heavenly pot environment for hippies. As a result, Tourism industry will grow and employment opportunities will be created, finally developing Nepal as "Hippies Heaven".

Voice For Nepal Marijuana Legalization

Presently the world has opened its eyes and marijuana is being legalized in most of the countries including most states of the United States."Will Nepal have the moral courage to take cue from Colorado to reverse its 42 year old decision of outlawing marijuana?", Nepali media Republica raises its voice against the herb ban. "Nepal could benefit greatly by legalizing marijuana. If Shiva and his sadhus can take ganja, why not tourists?", an international media, News Blaze asked the country. A group of Hindu scholars and priests openly smoked ganja to protest against its prohibition in the country on 2006. On june 26, 2009, the anti-prohibition rally was organised by a young man Sujan according to reports. After that various efforts have been made by the Nepalese for the legalization of Weed. Mercy centers in Nepal also raised its voice for the legalization of Pot. First National Medical Marijuana Convention organized by the representatives of HIV/AIDS and cancer on 1st March 2015 raised voice to decriminalize its  use. Marijuana legalization campaign has become popular in the world and Nepal is not lagging behind. Celebrities like Yama Buddha and more are supporting the Nepal Marijuana Legalization campaign. I personally think Weed must be legalized as soon as possible and take as much benefit as we can in a country like Nepal.

Say something about Marijuana Legalization in Nepal, on the comment section below.

Jun 10, 2015

Apple iCloud Can Be Hacked Easily

iCloud Two Step Verification
A White Hat Security researcher claims to have build a tool that can penetrate through the iCloud of Apple and can hack millions of iOS 8.3 customers password. Now is the time to take precaution, so hurry up and change your iCloud password.

Jan Soucek created the iOS 8.3 Mail.app inject kit which exploits a bug in the operating system's of native email client to produce a realistic pop up which Apple users are familiar with. Soucek even reported Cupertino about the bug but there was no respond and it is not yet verified by Apple according to The Register.

Soucek further described, "This bug allows remote HTML content to be loaded by replacing the original email message.JavaScript is disabled in this UIWebView, but it is still possible to build a functional password 'collector' using simple HTML and CSS."
"Back in January 2015 I stumbled upon a bug in iOS's mail client, resulting in HTML tag in e-mail messages not being ignored," Soucek says.

Recently leaked nude photos of celebrities from the iCloud proves that anyone can easily go inside the trusted Apple's cloud storage and get the things you want. Apple which is known for the best security of their devices has a small loopholes like this I couldn't believe. Now is the time to get back what Apple has gained in order to secure and ensure its users privacy.

Jun 9, 2015

Global Drug Survey 2015: Increased Online Drug Buyers Than Ever

The Global Drug Survey 2015 shows more people buying online than before. The survey reveals a fact that one among the 10 respondents use Darknet and other conventional sites eventhough the most famous illegal drug marketplace Silk Road was banned in 2013.Silk Road, one of the first major online drug marketplace was closed down on October 2013 by FBI while Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road's developer was sentenced to life in prison last month.

According to the report of FBI, Silk Road had 100,000 users who describe it as "the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the internet".Other online survey and research shows the Darknet drug economy is expanding more and more. The responses indicate users found the Darknet to be cheaper, more reliable and safer than other alternative sources shows the survey.In March, the administrations of  Evolution Marketplace disappeared with an equivalent amount of more than $12 million.

As per the BBC News, Darknet listings had doubled in 10 months following the Silk Road collapse. The UN World Drug Report 2014 observed that the variety of drugs available and purchased on the Darknet appears to be diverse and growing.

Feb 16, 2015

Sweet and Handy Android Launcher; APUS

As there are many launchers available in Play Store, some are graphically high and where some are smooth and handy. Apus Launcher; one of the best launcher in play store is smooth, light and have user friendly interface. The launcher have combined features from the Blackberry and Iphones' user interface while still some bugs exist. The concept of label wised folder ( collection ) of apps are also included so that all the folders can be accessed by a simple slide.

Most of the people use Go Launcher because of many advance features and is the revolutionary app in user interface for android devices. As an app consist of numerous features its size increases which may lead to slow phone processing. A lightly made app with all important features are required and must be used for a better smart phone experience. As for me, I had used Go Launcher many months back, but now using APUS Launcher which is really so smooth and clean designed to make the smart phone smarter. It has brought to the level of simplicity, the app could be developed.

The features of Apus Launcher are :-
1. Smart Folder
2. Priority Apps
3. Apus Notification
4. Apus Boost
5. Apus Wallpaper
6. Apus Radar
7. Search Bar ( Local and Internet )
8. Notification Toolbar
9. Enhanced Apps Market
10. Apus Theme

CNET says," APUS is dedicated to building the smallest, fastest, simplest user system for Android it can." So far APUS has ranked No. 1 in 30 countries and top 5 in over 50 countries under Personalization Category on Google Play. Techcrunch rates the launcher as the best Launcher for lower-end phones.

APUS is sweet, fun and handy to use as it uses about 2 MB RAM. So it gives the best performances on every android phones. Download and enjoy APUS Launcher from Play Store.