Jun 10, 2015

Apple iCloud Can Be Hacked Easily

iCloud Two Step Verification
A White Hat Security researcher claims to have build a tool that can penetrate through the iCloud of Apple and can hack millions of iOS 8.3 customers password. Now is the time to take precaution, so hurry up and change your iCloud password.

Jan Soucek created the iOS 8.3 Mail.app inject kit which exploits a bug in the operating system's of native email client to produce a realistic pop up which Apple users are familiar with. Soucek even reported Cupertino about the bug but there was no respond and it is not yet verified by Apple according to The Register.

Soucek further described, "This bug allows remote HTML content to be loaded by replacing the original email message.JavaScript is disabled in this UIWebView, but it is still possible to build a functional password 'collector' using simple HTML and CSS."
"Back in January 2015 I stumbled upon a bug in iOS's mail client, resulting in HTML tag in e-mail messages not being ignored," Soucek says.

Recently leaked nude photos of celebrities from the iCloud proves that anyone can easily go inside the trusted Apple's cloud storage and get the things you want. Apple which is known for the best security of their devices has a small loopholes like this I couldn't believe. Now is the time to get back what Apple has gained in order to secure and ensure its users privacy.