Oct 12, 2016

Fucking high my Lords

I had never thought I would ever smoke Marijuana in my life. I was kind, caring, disciplined and eager from my childhood. There was a time when I used to cry on pain, be obedient with myself and was a divine searcher. Marijuana taught me who am I, Where do I belong and why me?
I am here for my part of nature's play that has been running from the start of time. What happened is a history we are today, what will happen is our future time. History can't be changed but future changes. We belong to nature and time because the whole universe is its combination. There are many things I haven´t understood, experienced and learnt. I had many wishes, so much expectations from people around me and too much coward in a way that my life was more than precious to me during my childhood.
I was introduced to marijuana during my childhood and had inhaled its smoke through breathing. I actually smoked it after I turned 20 and three years have passed already. I am in a country where the evolution of marijuana plants had occurred. The country where the most worshipped god Shiva was a herb lover and his Sadhus legally smoking marijuana but still illegal to common man.
During high times I have so many disappointments about myself like I couldn't do anything good to anyone. I did not study further and have never taught anyone good and bad. I am not worth spending time with because I lack so many things. My life is a big Zero to me. I will come back with more of my high time diaries. Thank you very much for hearing my heart my lords.
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