Jul 29, 2019

I Learned Alot In 2 Years Of Mechanical Business

Few years back, I was so fond of surfing internet, learning blogging and web skills and monetizing my blog posts. I had spent so many nights on internet. Those days I was blindly behind earning money from blogging. I struggled so hard to verify Google Adsense and earned some dollars too. Due to some personal problems I left blogging and came back home to handle my family business of Automotive Repairing and Spare Parts Shop.

During 2 years, I learned so much about automobiles and how engines work. Technology has advanced rapidly nowadays. These advanced technologies are also collaborated with Automobiles. My firm usually repairs agricultural machines like tractors, rotavators, threshers etc and Mill machineries. I learned how lathe machines work and where other machines are used accordingly for repairing. I have become a machine geek during this time.

My firm namely "Ohm Machinery Repairing Center" is located at the heart of Bahuni Bazaar, Belbari Municipality, State 1, Nepal. Today the main source of power for engines are Petroleum products. What if all the petroleum products source dies and its scarcity rises. The only solution to this problem is electric powered vehicles. So we need to transform all the automobiles power source to electricity as soon as possible.