Oct 23, 2022

Meta is monitoring Nepal`s upcoming election related posts and information

Nepal election commission is taking a new approach to tackle the spread of misleading information during elections. The election commission has already made agreement with Meta and other social media giants. Soon after the agreement between election commission and Meta`s public policy manager for south, Ms. Ayesha Hashem, said a special channel will be jointly created. Experts from both organisations will jointly monitor post and comments done in Nepali language. Hate speech are also regulated in the same language Meta revealed. 

Ayesha Hashem
Ayesha Hashem also requested to report hate speech and misleading information. Fake news and hate speech are tools that can negatively influence election results. Meta also expressed its commitment to doing its best to curb biased content. Employees of Nepal Election Commission are highly trained by Meta. Lets only spread real information on social media.